The processed Artists' Letters and Manuscripts Collection consists of 124 items contained in one 5" document box. The materials date from 1892 to 1976. The collection includes: correspondence on a wide variety of subjects to, from, and/or about the artists listed in the finding aid; poems; sketches; notes; an application for a fellowship; Christmas cards; and photographs.
The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Lecture Archive contains the complete extant sound recordings of a distinguished lecture program established by The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 1952 (though the earliest recordings may predate that year). By the mid-1950s, Skowhegan was recording eight or more lectures a year and now averages ten to twelve lectures a year. The lectures were given by visiting and resident faculty and other artists and now include some of the twentieth century's most famous names. By 2007 Skowhegan had records of 624 lectures by 449 artists; ninety-three artists spoke more than once and some artists (such as William Zorach and Alex Katz) have given as many as ten lectures. Not all recordings have been preserved or released by Skowhegan. Thirty-eight recordings are missing from the master collection and thirty-three recordings have not been released to the public for various reasons. Those lectures are still listed below in their proper place in the chronology. The Skowhegan School has also endeavored to transcribe as many lectures as possible. To date, paper and electronic transcripts exist for 366 lectures. The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture cautions though that the lecture transcripts are an adjunct, not a substituion, for the sound recordings; the transcripts are unedited and un-vetted by the lecture participants and should be considered an imperfect representation of the audio recording. Most lectures refer to slides and other visual aids; those materials are not available but scholars can contact the Skowhegan School to ascertain the material's existence.